Account Manager Insight: Diane Owen

Account Manager Insight: Diane Owen

Starting a career at Arc at one of the busiest and most challenging times of the year (Christmas) is certainly one of the ways to learn fast and hit the ground running!!

Arc’s Operations Team works around the clock (literally!) during the Christmas period to ensure we deliver the quality and volume of staff that our clients come to expect. Our staff placements hit a peak at this time of year so it’s all hands on deck.

My first project was looking after one of our 10 Christmas Party sites across the UK. We recruit within the locality of the Christmas Party site (in this case Newcastle) in the run up to the events, building on our existing team in the local area.

Making initial contact with all the staff as a new account manager was the first matter on the agenda. I then had to allocate and skill match the ideal staff to the various shifts and roles that were required on each event.

One of the biggest challenges is to try to ensure that there is consistency in the team spanning the events. This helps the event team on site to build a strong team rapport and identify staff that can progress into leadership roles during the events.

We provide a staffing coordinator on site throughout the events to establish a smooth and efficient staff check in. The staffing coordinator is the eyes and ears of the Account Manager! They are also the link between Arc and the client and help to feedback on each event and staff member. This helps us to continually evolve our team, delivering the highest quality staff night after night.

After 14 successful events and over 500 temporary staff placements it was then my job to certify that the hours worked were recorded correctly, along with pay rates to send over to our finance team. Job done!

With an even stronger client base in place for 2016, preparations are already well under way to make sure our team is ready to go to develop our reputation of being a market leader in the temporary staffing industry!

“It was a wonderful teamwork experience, I have enjoyed it very much.”

“Thank you very much for the opportunity I had to work under such great environment. It was fun and enjoyed the work.”

Arc Staff Members – Newcastle 


Diane Owen

Account Manager


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