Arc Prestige

Arc Prestige

ARC Prestige: “Thanks @ArcHospitality! We have a great team here! Have a good night!” – ‘Outside caterer, central London venue.’

This month one of our clients had a bespoke event for some very VIPs. Naturally they asked Arc to “send your best staff”. On such occasions we offer our clients the benefit of our Prestige calibre staff. Staff who have experience with high-end events. Staff who can not only look after very important guests but can engage with them to create a lasting impression.

To ensure that Prestige staff are of a suitable quality, we source them from the staff we develop on site and an extra, invitation only, Prestige assessment session. This extra assessment builds on our staff’s core skills by increasing their customer service and hospitality knowledge. The training course adds extra skills including: customer interaction, allergen awareness, wine knowledge, supervising/basic hospitality management. Our Prestige staff have experience, talent and character suitable for those occasions where the guest requires that extra touch.

Winning new work in London was the perfect time for Arc to trial our Prestige product. Staffing and Event Managers pride themselves in offering the highest standard of hospitality in the capital so they expect that the staff they book from us reflect their standards. Our Prestige product reflects our own judgement on those who have been able to improve their skills to the point so that they can fill such a position of expectation and responsibility.

Since the introduction of Arc Prestige, these top-tier staff have received very positive feedback from clients and they have been given the responsibility of looking after esteemed guests at private parties, corporate hospitality, awards dinners and more.

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