Eva Thompson-Smith- Area Manager London

Meet The Team- Eva


Role in Company: Area Manager, London 

In London, we’re an excellent team who work hard to get the results and deliver consistently. I am lucky enough to oversee it all! I am now a lot more involved with meeting new clients and winning projects that London can work on.


How long have you worked for the company:

February 2017 I started as a temp and worked for several clients who I now deliver to. I expressed my interest in joining the team full time after a few weeks as a temp and in March 2017 I was offered the role of Recruitment & Staffing Co-ordinator. Just in time for Royal Ascot Prep and our busy summer season! With summer season and a crazy Christmas period out of the way, I became Area Manager in February 2018.


What do you love about the company:

I love all the potential that comes with my job. The potential to train my lovely colleagues to become excellent recruiters/staffers, the potential to win new clients and oversee new projects and, the potential of our temporary staff who can grow with us and learn new skills. I still get excited when we have lots of staff in different venues and we deliver everywhere, the sense of achievement will never get old! I also love that we are a big team no matter which office you are in, we’re a nationwide company but if in need you can go to whoever for help. Just a shout out to the team in London, I couldn’t have wished for better colleagues!


An interesting fact about yourself:

I am in the 5% of the British population with below average sized hands so therefore, I went on TV for a gameshow which was a very random experience and I still question why I did it... No I did not win and no I am not going to tell you which show it was!



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