Recruitment Outsourcing

Recruitment Outsourcing

Q: If we outsource recruitment, aren't we effectively losing control of a core strategic activity of our business?

A: No, our outsourcing solution gives your business more control over recruitment by providing a single point of accountability for recruitment and full visibility of recruitment activity and performance to your business and HR department.

Q: Can the benefits of HR Outsourcing be applied to Permanent and Temporary Recruitment?

A: Yes. The principles and benefits of HR Outsourcing can be applied to the recruitment of permanent staff, fixed term hires, limited company contractors and agency workforce and we have successfully utilised these at existing clients of ours.

Q: Will the outsourcing solution replace any of our current HR staff?

A: If you currently have full time resourcers or recruiters then HR Outsourcing may give you the opportunity to downsize or restructure. In many cases however recruitment management is handled as a part time role by HR staff or recruitment is one of the many roles a general or operations manager must undertake. In this case, HR outsourcing will often give the in-house HR team the opportunity to refocus the time they save into more value-adding HR tasks.  

Q: Does HR Outsourcing guarantee us cost savings?

A: During our no obligations meeting we will be able to openly discuss the level of cost saving that our HR outsourcing solution can deliver to your business. 

Q: Surely the best way to reduce recruitment costs is just to do more direct online recruitment?

A: Yes, doing more web based recruitment is one of the ways to reduce recruitment costs. However this will invariably mean an increase in the resources you need in your organisation to process the increase in applications received. You may need to implement a recruitment management system and there are direct web based recruitment strategies that you need to learn and implement. Alternatively you can benefit from our economies of scale from having the above recruitment processes in place.

Q: What involvement will in-house HR have in recruitment if Arc is managing recruitment?

A:  Arc's HR outsourcing solution releases the time of in-house HR from basic recruitment administration to be able to focus on strategic recruitment issues such as job profiling, assessment and selection.

Q: Do you have experience of recruiting in my industry?

A: If your industry is hospitality, catering or leisure then yes! Please see our client referrals on our case studies page to hear from some of our existing clients in your industry.

Q: Will you be compliant with the new RTI legislation?

A: Yes, in conjunction with our payroll company Moorepay Ltd all our systems will be fully compliant with the new legislation from April 2013. All mandatory information will be communicated to HMRC every pay cycle as required.

Q: Do you offer workplace pensions to your staff?

A: Yes, from the 1st January 2014 all eligible jobholders who have met the qualifying criteria will be entered into a suitable pension scheme unless they have decided to opt out. This will be an ongoing process we will comply with each pay cycle in conjunction with the rules set out by the Pension Regulator.

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