2014 achievements, 2015 goals

2014 achievements, 2015 goals

2014 was a year of superlatives for Arc Hospitality.  Our biggest number of recruited candidates, served our highest number of clients by fulfilling our greatest volume of assignments, across the most sites on which we’ve ever worked.  With such a year of achievement it would be easy to focus on the brightest and best goals for 2015.  However, we start 2015 by focusing on the little, the smallest, and tiniest of changes we can make to our services in order that our candidates, clients and our own staff grow and develop in 2015 alongside the company’s revenue. 

This first quarter will be a period to analyse our performance, evaluate standards and communication and obtain feedback from clients ahead of setting goals and tasks for the business’ development in 2015.

Our core staff

In 2014, the core staff at Arc offices and in the field grew.   Despite our only permanent bases being at HQ in Liverpool and in London, Arc successfully delivered services in Bristol, the South of England, Wales, Chester, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and of course Liverpool.  The staff that we took on in 2014 helped us to deliver events relying on their local knowledge, own hospitality experience and their commitment to Arc standards.

Our services

2014 saw the expansion of our product range.  In the North, Arc developed its Chef Induction and Recruitment process and placed catering/BOH staff with clients.  The expansion saw clients taking Arc recruited chef talent on a permanent basis, on extended placements as well as for hospitality events.  In the South, Arc developed the Prestige brand.  The Prestige brand supplies hospitality staff to support the most exclusive venues where those who can afford the most expensive hospitality expect the service to complement accordingly.

2014 also saw our further expansion into non-event day hospitality, supporting conferencing facilities, hotel chains and catering companies. Permanent recruitment continued predominantly in the area local to our HQ where our reputation has become more widely known amongst the growing independent as well as the established hospitality business groups.     

Our clients

2014 saw a growth in the number of our clients, both large and small, independent and conglomerates, the goal for 2015 is to develop the relationships with our new and established clients to retain their business.    

Our candidates

2014 saw the biggest growth in Arc candidates since the company began.  Throughout 2015 we will be reviewing candidate performance to maintain set standards. 

Provided that we maintain our attention to standards, maintain client and staff communication then we can continue to grow through 2015 making the most of the achievements of our 2014.


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    "It was a very good year "

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