Cardiff - a little insight

Cardiff - a little insight

Looking out of the window now, the days are getting longer and the sun a little brighter. Spring is just around the corner, and thoughts of a hot Welsh summer no longer seem so far-fetched. Here at the Arc Cardiff branch, we can’t help but think back to when we first opened nearly six months ago; long winter nights, scraping ice off our windscreens, and gearing up for our first festive season. How quickly the time has gone – and how much everything has changed in those few short months! As we go into a busy spring period, we thought we’d take the time to share some of our experiences here so far.

A Bit of History

Arc has been operating remotely here in Cardiff for many years already, working closely with several fantastic venues throughout the city from our head office in Liverpool. However, to make the most of the opportunities Cardiff presents, the decision was made last year to open a permanent office here. Joshua Pryer, a key member of the Arc London office, born and raised in Wales, embraced the opportunity to return home and lead the project as Area Manager.

Settling In

The office opened officially on the 2nd of October 2017.  After much searching we settled upon a great building in Cathays - ideal for our candidates to attend their assessment sessions, and a perfect central meeting point for our early morning starts when travelling to our clients outside of Cardiff. We were very happy with the location - only a stone’s throw away from our clients, but also right on top of the local universities and student villages.

Josh went from being part of a large team in London to being solely responsible for an entire office. He describes his experiences: “Of course, at the beginning it was a little scary! I had hundreds of things to do at once and now needed to think about running the whole show, from the finances all the way down to the recruitment sessions. However, I had plenty of support and advice from the London and Liverpool offices, and before long we managed to get our heads around everything”.

Arc Cardiff Today

The hard work of those first months paid off for Josh as the Arc Cardiff office quickly established a fantastic record of success even in its first few months. We built upon our connections with venues across the city and truly brought the Arc way of working to the Cardiff scene. As with our other branches, this allowed to us to quickly build up a name for ourselves and develop a reputation for really caring about the work we do.

To support our growth here, we had to dramatically expand our recruitment operations. From a team of around 40 staff on our database in October 2017, to the database now holding more than 400 active staff members, over the last few months it feels like we have really started to make an impact here! And, obviously, as a recruitment agency we constantly look to increase our staffing pool further.

Since the Full-Time operation began, Josh is no longer alone. In early October 2017, Rowan Flint joined him as a temporary office assistant during a busy period of events. We were very impressed with Rowan’s hard work and dedication to ARC, such that in January 2018, Rowan joined the Cardiff team full time as their first Recruitment & Staffing Coordinator.

What does the future look like?

We are often amazed at how far we have come in so little time – the office now feels so busy and our calendars so full compared to those early days. However, as proud as we are of what we’ve achieved, we know there’s still so much more work left to do here. In fact, it often feels like we have just scratched the surface of the opportunities which Cardiff can offer.

We are looking forward, over the next six months, to making the absolute best of the great foundations we have laid so far; to growing our operations further, pushing ourselves harder and making an even bigger impact with our clients and staff. Either way going forward, it’s clear that in Cardiff, Arc is here to stay!

For more information about work opportunities or services Arc can provide in Cardiff,

please contact Joshua Pryer on 07718 649467 or email

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