London - Summer 2017 update

London - Summer 2017 update

We are ¾ of the way through our 4th year in the capital and it feels like we have arrived on the scene. We are only scratching the surface of the opportunities the city has in store for us but we are making many purposeful steps forward. Our goal remains; to replicate and improve on our market share that we have elsewhere in the country and ultimately be considered the best in the industry. How you measure this is subjective so let me tell you a bit about where we’re up to in London:

Our office and training facilities:

We are now settled into our latest home at Workspace Kennington Park which provides us with an office with a view which you’ll find us in 7 days a week, multiple hi-tech training rooms kitted out with our hospitality training props, and is only a two-minute walk from the northern line at Oval. Oh yeah, and the café is pretty sweet so pop in for a coffee/cake/paella sometime!

Our team:

Josh, Eva, Steph, Hannah and myself run the operation between us. It’s a small team but we’ve got the support of the rest of the business whenever we need a bigger engine.

Our ethos:

This hasn’t changed since Mike and I started the business in a small room together in Liverpool; We’re honest, We care, We deliver. Call this obvious/goes without saying/’just words’ but it is what we lived by then in Liverpool and it’s what we live by now in London and the rest of the UK. It helps to keep us on track during times of difficulty and it forms the basis of the understanding that we try to impart on all staff, suppliers and clients that come into contact with our business.

Our USPs:

We haven’t created anything new but we have several things that when combined make us stand out from the crowd:

  • Bringing lessons from North to South – Our business is very proud of its Northern origins and I feel that we’ve learned many valuable lessons that have proved extremely useful to us for doing business in the capital.
  • Big enough to deliver, small enough to care – Mix in our honesty and that’s our company ethos in a nutshell. As we’ve grown we’ve made sure that our regional teams are small enough to give the personal touch but have enough support in the background to deliver in the largest volumes.
  • We want to be the best - This is the exciting bit. Competition is good. Competing is fun. That’s why the increased level of competition we experience in London only makes us stronger and drives us on. We don’t view any of our competitors as enemies for this reason and we’ve found them to be pretty accommodating towards our arrival in the City.
  • Assessment and Training process and facilities – we’ll be posting more on this later in the year but I believe we now have the best assessment and training set up in our industry.
  • We’re not rushing - We’re young and hungry, yes, but we are still in it for the long-run. We have always looked to forge long term partnerships and hopefully our record over the last 9 years evidences the fact that we’re not in this business to make a quick buck.
  • 7 days a week. Actually. Not just someone on call. Call our office on a Sunday – I dare you! 😊
  • 9 years’ experience of running a hospitality recruitment company. Me and Mike, still 50/50 – still working more than full-time. We don’t sit in ivory towers.
  • Nationwide with 5 offices and more to come - Liverpool, London, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham are all in operation and we hope to tackle a few more UK cities in the next few months.
  • Cutting edge staffing technology – In an age where technology governs everything and becomes easily accessible to all, we think we have the right balance between efficient, user-friendly technology and the experience, commitment and passion to use it to its full potential.

In a nutshell, we’re having a great time in London. We’ve got a fantastic team, ideal facilities, dependable company values and a nice combination of unique selling points. We have smashed several internal company targets in recent months and the future looks like it will be full of many more record-breaking opportunities.

See you all soon,


Paul Marcinkowski


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