The guide to a perfect CV and how to prepare for your interview

The guide to a perfect CV and how to prepare for your interview

Recruitment, it’s what we do best. In 2017, we recruited 8,733 staff alone. All 8,733 recruits were assessed and trained to the highest standard and then supplied to some of the UK’s most exciting venues.

As a well-known recruiter, we often get asked for advice on interviews and CV’s, so we’ve prepared a short guide to help you prepare for getting a job. These tips can be used for any job prep, not just a job at Arc.


Start here

Looking for a job? Not sure where to start?

Then preparation is key!

First, you need an informative CV, which highlights your key skills (it’s your opportunity to sell yourself- what skills have you got that other candidates haven’t).


The steps for a perfect CV

-          Tailor your CV to the job that you’re applying for- what is relevant for some job applications may not be relevant for others

-          Use a clear layout so it is easy for employers to read

-          A personal statement- keep it short whilst highlighting your strengths and achievements (it’s your chance to shine from the crowd)

-          Key skills- Highlight your key skills (give an example of how you have used these skills)

-          Don’t forget to check your CV once completed for any mistakes or spelling errors  

-          Add a cover letter


What to include in your cover letter

-          Don’t repeat your CV, this is your chance to expand on what you’ve already told employers in your CV

-          Don’t forget to include the essentials (name, address, date etc)

-          Why are you applying for the job? What can you bring to the company that you’re applying for?

-          Tell your story- What experience or scenarios have you got that are relevant? (expand on your skills)

-          End the cover letter on a positive not (e.g. hope to hear from you soon, I hope to have the opportunity to speak to you further)


You’ve got an interview, great!

Now time to start researching the company…

- Use the company website

- Browse the company’s social media

- Use LinkedIn

- Understand their operating industry & who their competitors are


Interview tips

-          Dress smart (it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed), but if unsure check the dress code

-          Arrive early (it makes a good impression)

-          Smile and engage with the interviewer (it makes a great impression)

-          Ask questions (there’s always something you can ask- e.g. what are the next steps in the interview process? Are there any opportunities for progression?)

-          End on a positive note, e.g. look forward to hearing from you, it was nice to meet you.


What do Arc expect from candidates?

-          Good time keeping- show up to the assessment session on time

-          Come prepared- bring all of the right documents with you (e.g. right to work, p45, bank details etc)

-          Dress appropriately- i.e. smart (it always makes a good impression)

-          Actively take part in the assessment session (even if you’re not sure that your answer is right, it’s the taking part that counts)

-          During a practical task, smile and look engaged


After the interview…

-          Don’t stress, the assessment is complete!

-          Complete any paperwork or additional documents (e.g. contracts, references etc) given to you as soon as possible (this can often speed up the process)


Good Luck!


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