What to expect at Arc in 2018!

What to expect at Arc in 2018!

Now the first month of 2018 is almost over, myself and Paul thought it would be a good time to update you all on our plans for the rest of this year and beyond.

Excitingly, we are opening two more full time offices over the next 2 months to meet increased client demand and expand our network further. The first of these new sites will be Edinburgh-our first foray into Scotland. We are lucky to have the support of some great clients north of the border which is essential in getting a new operation up and running. Stephanie Thayer who currently works in our London office will be relocating to head up our new Scotland office from the 1st March. Good luck Steph, though we are sure you won’t need it!

Soon after Sarah King from our Liverpool office will be relocating to Birmingham to run our operation in the Midlands. We have been working remotely in the region for several years but feel the time is now right to really ramp up our presence and operation in this key region. Sarah already has several events/ bookings on the horizon and will be looking to grow our existing pool of staff further, so we can deliver for as many clients as possible. If you are interested in working for our new operations in Scotland or Birmingham in either an office role or as a member of our hospitality team, please do not hesitate to contact Steph or Sarah in relation to their respective areas.

2018 will also see us introduce our new app for our workers. This has been developed in conjunction with our software partners and should hopefully make the process of booking in and confirming for shifts as quick and as efficient as possible. We hope you all enjoy using it and find it is as beneficial as we expect. It’s key for our continual development that we combine our unparalleled delivery rate with the latest technology to make using Arc or working with Arc as easy and efficient as possible.

June 2018 will also mark our 10th anniversary as a business. We have come a long way and completed more check ins than we can remember since we first started trading out of a small office in Liverpool but importantly our passion for the industry remains undiluted. If anything, we feel as though we are just getting started! Everyone at Arc will be marking the occasion with a suitable celebration!

We won’t be standing still in our other sites either. It’s imperative for our continued success that we grow our market share and staff pools across the UK and continue to improve our satisfaction rate amongst staff and clients alike.  All our office teams are measured against whether they achieve 100% delivery for clients, how satisfied their clients and staff are with their service and that all our staff are 100% compliant and possess the correct right to work documentation. In today’s world it’s more important than ever that we do everything possible as a business to make sure our compliance is perfect.

We hoped you enjoy reading this brief insight into what’s coming up at Arc and can’t wait to keep growing the business further in 2018.

Mike and Paul

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