Whites and knives brigade

Welcome to the ARC Whites and knives brigade

 “Don’t forget clean whites and sharp knives”, is the usual line our chefs hear shortly before their assignment.  Our chefs can be placed with either large brigades in nationally recognised restaurants, corporate dining, contract catering, match day hospitality on a permanent or temporary basis. It is important that you have the right approach to team work. Whilst working as a Chef with Arc Recruitment you might be working a barbecue one day then plating fine-dining desserts the next. As such it is vital that we know as much as is possible about your skills.

Your main tasks will include:

  • preparing, cooking and presenting food in line with required standards
  • making sure that food is served promptly
  • monitoring food production to ensure consistent quality and portion size
  • keeping preparation at the right level
  • stock control
  • following relevant hygiene, health and safety guidelines 

To do well as a chef, you will need: 

  • the ability to work under pressure
  • a keen interest in food and cooking
  • strong communication and leadership skills
  • high standards of cleanliness and hygiene
  • the ability to do several tasks at once
  • creativity and imagination for food presentation
  • the ability to work as part of a team
  • good organisational skills 

Did you know that the colour of a chili pepper is no indication of its heat (usually the smaller the chili pepper the hotter it is) 

Here are some of the tips that our Professional Kitchen staff have had to offer: 

  • get a good knife
  • microplanes are a good investment
  • sharpen your knife every day at least (if it dulls work it with a stone until sharp) a steel is only really designed to maintain the knife’s edge
  • mis-en-place – if you don’t have your station set or all ingredients weighed out and portioned in front of you you’ll be wasting time and playing catch up

Tips on starting a dish:

  • dry fry or fry dried herbs in a little oil to revive their flavours
  • season lightly

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Tips to finish a dish:

  • montee au buerre or finish with butter – fat is flavour and finishing a sauce, risotto, stew with a knob of butter enriches the dish
  • add a splash of cream to enrich sauces
  • add a twist of lemon – it freshens the final flavour
  • taste, taste, taste

In the kitchen:

  • speak up, acknowledge your chef’s instructions
  • lookup, what do you have to cook next, and the check after that…
  • clean as you go, you have to meet hygiene standards. See our blog on hygiene standards.

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