Blackburn Rovers FC


"During my 5 years at Blackburn Rovers we have used many staffing Agencies. We commenced our professional relationship with ARC back in 2009 after a pretty extensive tender process which they passed with flying colours. We checked their references and visited their premises, they sounded brilliant so we gave them a go. My team and I have nothing but praise for them. Since starting with them I can’t fault ARC on how they run their business. They are always honest and upfront about what’s going on which may sound like common sense but makes them different from other agencies and I appreciate that. They are very proactive onsite and are not afraid to give opinions which I think is useful. You can always do with an extra pair of hands. An example I like to use is the hawking strategy we started last Christmas. We gave the project solely to ARC. It was one of those things we weren’t sure would work, there were many obstacles in the way of making it profitable. I genuinely believe it has been a success because ARC have taken the bull by the horns so to speak and made it work. They have a long term view on things and it’s not just a case of getting the staff in and out, it is a real partnership. ARC realise that their staff affect our bottom line and that makes them different. Their staff are invested in the company they work for. They are always polite with lovely characters. They turn up in exactly the uniform you require. ARC hold a high standard and I wouldn’t expect anything less. You always get a little bit more, even the casual staff are invested in the business. They are the frontline, the face of Blackburn Rovers and I know that all the team leaders that come on board realise that and it makes a difference." 

Melanie Lewis

General Catering Manager

Blackburn Rovers F.C