Knowsley Safari


Knowsley Safari Park

In 2010 Arc Recruitment won the opportunity to exclusively provide outsourced HR, Staffing and Recruitment services to Merseyside’s top tourist attraction- Knowsley Safari Park. We had already worked at the Knowsley Estate for a number of years under a supplier arrangement, however the management at the Safari Park saw an opportunity to use Arc as a tool to lower overheads and offer increased flexibility due to peaks and troughs in demand. We are exclusively responsible for sourcing, screening and placing all seasonal catering, retail, customer service, cleaning and stewarding positions amongst others.

Our commitment to Knowsley Safari Park is exactly the same as with all of our clients- 24/7 accountability and relentless delivery. We ensure appropriate staff are recruited, correct staffing levels are met every day, all staff are paid correctly and staff provide guests with only the highest levels of customer service.

"We have been using ARC recruitment for 4 years now and during this time we have built a strong relationship. Knowsley Safari Park task ARC with managing the recruitment for all our seasonal and temporary staff throughout the year. That’s everything from advertising, recruitment, interviews, selection, induction as well as the payroll facilities. We have several divisions within the park; Retail, Catering, Rides, Maintenance, Janitorial Services, Kiosk and Reception staff. What’s great about ARC is they can recruit for all of those departments and work with the management team to get the right candidates every time. They have a strong history of recruiting and selecting staff that work well and meet our needs. They give us a 7 day operation so if we need a member of staff at short notice they are usually just a phone call away. They deliver and liaise with the staff. They work with us regarding the changes in legislations in RTI and the pension rules and regulations. They take care of that side of things, managing it and monitoring it on an ongoing basis ensuring it is always up to date and we are complying with the right rules and regulations as well as the law. ARC offer outstanding value for money in regards to the services they provide. As I mentioned earlier, the 7 day operation is never too much for them. They deliver on quality, they deliver on value, they deliver on service and we will happily use ARC for the next 5-10 years as we continue to develop and grow the business. They will be central to this with the team of staff they provide."

Richard Smith

Head of Visitor Services

Knowsley Safari Park