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After 12 years in the industry, Arc has grown into one of the UK’s leading event staff specialists, providing top-class people to sports venues, caterers, hotels and tourist attractions across the UK. From bar staff to betting staff, to chefs and supervisors, Arc has over 10,000 staff on hand 365 days a year to make any event a success.

Arc's second service solution is a managed service arrangement where Arc acts as the recruitment, staffing, payroll and/or HR department for any organisation with a variable workforce.

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13 Jan 21

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7 Jan 21

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23 Dec 20

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Here's what our staff and customers think of us...

“Since 2010, we have tasked Arc with managing the recruitment for all our seasonal and temporary staff throughout the year. That’s everything from advertising, recruitment, interviews, selection, induction and payroll. They give us a 7-day operation so if we need a member of staff at short notice, they are a phone call away. Arc offer outstanding value for money. They deliver on quality, value and service and we will happily use Arc in the future"

Head of Visitor Services, Knowsley Safari Park

"On my first shift everyone made me feel welcome and I quickly got the hang of what we were doing. The Christmas parties are the best shifts ever because it’s very fun and you get to know everyone and they make you feel welcome. This is now my second year working Arc and I couldn’t thank them enough for everything they do! If it weren’t for Arc I wouldn’t be where I am now with loads of different opportunities!"

Rebecca, Liverpool

I've great experience working with Arc over the past few months. I can now say I’ve worked at some of the biggest venues in UK, and I am proud of what I have achieved. I recommend working for Arc as it is great flexible work for students and a good way to meet new people.

Sarah, Cardiff

We have been working with Arc for a couple of years now and I am pleased to say that our experience has been very positive. We highly rely on Arc for their experienced bar staff and plate waiters. Their staff is of great quality and many have had the chance to progress in their career to team leaders as well as managers. We have such a good relationship because communication flows easily and our expectations are always met if not exceeded. 

Senior Staffing Coordinator, Sodexo

I have been with Arc for almost 6 months and really love it! I pick and choose my own shifts to work and the variations of roles is great whether you’re in the kitchens, behind the bar or out on the floor. The management team are very understanding yet professional and genuinely appreciate the effort you put in!

Natalie, Yorkshire

As a student in Manchester, I want to work part time to earn some extra pocket money. However, I also want the freedom to choose my shifts as I want to fit my part time work around my busy student schedule. I'm glad I'm able to do this with Arc! The staff at Arc are polite, friendly and extremely professional.

Ryan, Manchester

Working for Arc is always fun - I do casual work for them around my studies at events. The staff are always friendly and the pay is very good. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for flexible work!

Luke, London

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