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Environmental Policy

Sustainability Policy

Our policy is addressed under several titles below which seek to align with the guidance offered within ISO 26000.

In addition to developing our company as we expand we push to achieve the best results for us, our clients and staff whilst remaining aware of the responsibilities shouldered by companies and corporations in the wider environment. Our policies are based around our core principles of honesty, staff care and delivery.


Our company’s foundation is built on the values of Honesty, Staff Care and Delivery. These values guide our organisation to remain socially responsible and ethical in its operations.


We’re honest: Integrity is essential in our industry and whether it is managing expectations on the exact quantity and/or quality of staff available; the market rate for a permanent placement; or holding your hands up and quickly rectifying when a mistake has been made, Arc will always choose honesty as the best policy.

We care: It’s easy to say we care but actually caring for us means we will for example; be on-site when required to check that all staff are ready for work on time, investigate and resolve any pay queries as fast as we can; and be disciplined when checking and verifying right to work documentation before engaging a candidate. Caring and being passionate about what we do is a prerequisite for everyone in our team.

We deliver: The above points will ensure that we never drop our standards below a minimum. Our reputation for delivery is that we do everything within our power as a team to hit number and quality targets without breaking our golden rules.

Important Issues

The importance of sustainability now goes beyond environmental issues, in the current era corporate governance, the need to behave responsibly relates to brand image, reputation and future growth. As such, as well as concern for our environmental effect, we address our community and social impact.

Our Commitment and Scope

The commitment to delivering against our sustainability policy is reviewed periodically. The Sustainability Policy is set to cover a defined period between the company’s financial year from July 2018 to June 2019. The staff are expected to uphold their responsibilities under the Code of Conduct.

We work with a number of third parties and while we have our Codes of Conduct by which we expect them to abide, we understand that these are not contractual agreements and can be followed in terms of guidance rather than binding legal precedent. We therefore look to educate our third parties as well as getting our staff to indicate their acceptance of our expected standards.

Arc implement sustainability commitments through our Sustainability Working Group Programme, which addresses the following:

  • People & Community
  • Safety
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Sustainable Resourcing
  • Corporate Governance

Core Element


People & Community

Arc is committed to offering employment opportunities to people from all walks of life. Our employment policies address age, race, sex and gender equality legislation. Each office seeks to develop a community pool of staff to fulfil our client’s requirements. In so doing, we minimise the environmental impact of requiring the long-distance travel of staff from an area to another.


Arc is committed to protecting the wellbeing of our staff regardless of their temporary and self-employed status. When we take a booking from a new client we require them to provide Health and Safety briefings for the temporary staff we provide to work on their location. This information is vital to safeguard those who work on assignment from Arc Recruitment.

Sustainable Environment

Arc is committed to compliance with our environmental policy and also the continuous improvement in our performance.

Sustainable Resourcing

Arc is committed to procuring services and staff that minimise the impact of our operations on the environment and support local communities and value our staff and clients

Corporate Governance

Arc is committed to improvement in its business performance and financial responsibilities. We therefore conduct our business according to our declared principles ensuring our financial tax requirements are met, our safety requirements are met and our staff employment processes address equality legislation.

In practical terms Arc promote their sustainability by:

  • Using public transport to attend meetings and site visits unless in exceptional circumstances where the alternatives are impractical and/or cost prohibitive.
  • Make the costs of more sustainable forms of transport transparent in our financial proposals.
  • Avoid physically travelling to meetings where alternatives are available and practical, such as using web cams or teleconferencing (e.g. Skype for Business), and efficient timing of meetings to avoid multiple trips. These options are also often more time efficient, while not sacrificing the benefits of regular contact with clients and partners.
  • Reduce the need for our staff to travel by supporting alternative working arrangements, including home working etc. and promote the use of public transport by locating our offices in accessible locations. Furthermore, we have recently introduced an Arc network our staff can dial into from home which reduces the need for staff to come into the office.
  • Minimise our use of paper, for example by double-siding all paper used, and identifying opportunities to reduce waste.
  • Arrange for the reuse or recycling of office waste, including paper, computer supplies and redundant equipment.
  • Reduce the energy consumption of office equipment by purchasing energy efficient equipment.

We have identified a communication plan for this year’s policy to disseminate this information when we submit proposals to clients to proactively address the importance of sustainability in the current economy.

Dated: 05/06/2018 to be reviewed 30/06/2019


Here's what our staff and customers think of us...

"On my first shift everyone made me feel welcome and I quickly got the hang of what we were doing. The Christmas parties are the best shifts ever because it’s very fun and you get to know everyone and they make you feel welcome. This is now my second year working Arc and I couldn’t thank them enough for everything they do! If it weren’t for Arc I wouldn’t be where I am now with loads of different opportunities!"

Rebecca, Liverpool

We have been working with Arc for a couple of years now and I am pleased to say that our experience has been very positive. We highly rely on Arc for their experienced bar staff and plate waiters. Their staff is of great quality and many have had the chance to progress in their career to team leaders as well as managers. We have such a good relationship because communication flows easily and our expectations are always met if not exceeded. 

Senior Staffing Coordinator, Sodexo

I have been with Arc for almost 6 months and really love it! I pick and choose my own shifts to work and the variations of roles is great whether you’re in the kitchens, behind the bar or out on the floor. The management team are very understanding yet professional and genuinely appreciate the effort you put in!

Natalie, Yorkshire

As a student in Manchester, I want to work part time to earn some extra pocket money. However, I also want the freedom to choose my shifts as I want to fit my part time work around my busy student schedule. I'm glad I'm able to do this with Arc! The staff at Arc are polite, friendly and extremely professional.

Ryan, Manchester

Working for Arc is always fun - I do casual work for them around my studies at events. The staff are always friendly and the pay is very good. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for flexible work!

Luke, London

I started working closely with the team at Arc over four years ago, as the allocation of staffing awarded to them for our Christmas sites grew to over 60% across the UK – due to the great work they had done over all the previous years.

We have a great working relationship which we are proud to have developed with not only the company Directors, but their whole hospitality team. We trust everyone at Arc to always be honest with us, and by knowing they will be, it gives us the confidence to reach out to them when we take on new projects.

When we were awarded the contract to provide the hospitality services on the Isle of Man for their world-famous TT races, I didn’t hesitate to contact Paul at Arc immediately for help and advice and to find a way to work together on such an exciting project. We needed to have alongside us a team which we trusted would go the extra mile and ensure we delivered the best service possible,

I knew the team at Arc would go above and beyond … and they didn’t disappoint! We had to move quickly, and they rose to the challenge – flying out to the island to host meetings and interviews, logistics planning, joining us on site for training days and then being at the events with us, from start to finish, to ensure everything came together.

You can plan the best events and organise everything to the finest detail… but it really is about the staff, they may be the only person our customers and client speak to at an event so we need to have the confidence they represent what we believe in and the service standards which want to deliver.. and Arc’s team did just that!

Senior Operations Manager, Best Parties Ever

I've great experience working with Arc over the past few months. I can now say I’ve worked at some of the biggest venues in UK, and I am proud of what I have achieved. I recommend working for Arc as it is great flexible work for students and a good way to meet new people.

Sarah, Cardiff

“Since 2010, we have tasked Arc with managing the recruitment for all our seasonal and temporary staff throughout the year. That’s everything from advertising, recruitment, interviews, selection, induction and payroll. They give us a 7-day operation so if we need a member of staff at short notice, they are a phone call away. Arc offer outstanding value for money. They deliver on quality, value and service and we will happily use Arc in the future"

Head of Visitor Services, Knowsley Safari Park

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