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The face of the event and on the front line of customer service interactions.

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Bar, waiting, cashier, barista, wine waiting, cloak room, reception, hawker, promo:

Bar staff: As a bar server you’re responsible for ensuring guests receive the best service possible. You can chat and interact with customers, meet new people and learning valuable skills.  A typical bar shift includes setting up the bar and making sure it looks pristine to guests. Serving drinks and maintaining a tidy bar always. Building rapport with customers and making sure they are always served with a smile. You’ll also have tidying down the bar at the end of the shift, help cash up and close the bar. Our bar roles range from pouring beers for those looking to learn the ropes to making cocktails for those with the experience and confidence.

Waiting staff: The waiting on teams are responsible for the food service to customers. From restaurant service where you are taking orders, to butterfly service where you are working in teams to serve large tables at the same time. Attention to detail, teamwork and customer service are of paramount importance for this role. Great fun and hugely appreciated by guests when it’s done properly. It’s the bread and butter of working for Arc and it’s your job to serve this too!

Cashier: Any role which involve using a till to serve customers may be called a cashier. You could be serving food or drinks or both and the key to this is working accurately and quickly whilst being as friendly and smiley as possible to the customers.

Wine waiting: As a wine waiter you will provide a personalised drinks service to seated guests often at large events. This role is very customer focused and requires much more than simply serving drinks. You will have to display excellent interpersonal skills in order to build a rapport with the customers

Reception/Cloak room/Night porter: The first-person guests see when they arrive and the last person they see when they leave. You must be a smiley, a quick worker and pride yourself on your organisation skills. 

Hawker: Hawking is used to describe somebody selling something whilst being able to move around freely. A large range of our venues use hawkers to sell various products from merchandise and food to programmes and drink. Hawkers sell products like: drinks, pies, chocolate bars, programmes, balloons, merchandise. There are many reasons why venues use hawkers. The three main ones are listed below: 1. Queue busting, 2. Ease of buying for customer, 3. Maximise Sales.

Promotion staff: Working as a promo staff or brand ambassador is a fun and exciting role that requires an outgoing and confident approach. Roles often require you to promote a venue or event with flyers and information.

Barista: As the coffee market grows, so does the demand for skilled baristas. Arc works with our clients to provide barista training but if you already have the skills to carry out this role then please let us know on your application and during interview.

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