4 Trends We Expect in 2021

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that we can’t predict what will happen in a week, month, or year! Things are changing by the day and we plan on keeping up with all news and regulations that affect our operation. However, if we could take a stab at what 2021 has in store, this is what we, at Arc, expect from this year.

Utilising technology (online applications aren’t going anywhere)

2020 saw a surge in video interviews, online applications and virtual training. This proved to be cost efficient and time saving for many businesses. It has removed many geographical barriers and encouraged more nationwide collaboration than ever before. It’s therefore doubtful that companies will return to a high volume of in person training and company meetings when Zoom, Teams and Skype have proven so useful.

Technology will also play a key role in volume recruitment from scratch, as clients’ and agencies’ staff pools are likely to be depleted. However, the user-friendly and in-your-own-time nature of this technology will allow a higher quality experience for candidates and ultimately lead to a better quality service and team member to clients.

As the environment is ever-changing it’s likely there will be more last-minute bookings and changes. Technology will help accommodate this.

Transparency on welfare, sustainability and business ethics

How you treated your employees and Team Members during the pandemic will be scrutinised by stakeholders, potential clients and prospect employees in 2021. We are moving to a world in which people care about a business’s impact on the planet, their partners and their people. This increased awareness will become more prominent in the decision-making process, as people will want to work for and with a company that is making a positive impact on the world around them.

Comprehensive pre-shift procedures

“Social distancing”, “Hands, Face, Space” and “Quarantine” might be phrases we have become fed up with hearing in 2020, but they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

We’re expecting pre-shift procedures for all our venues to be more thorough than they have ever been. Team Members should expect to do health forms and complete site-specific inductions before they even get to check in.

On site there will be rigorous rules team members will need to follow and it will be paramount these are followed to keep everyone safe and reassured.

One size doesn’t fit all across the UK

As we have seen throughout 2020, some areas have been worse affected by Covid-19 than others and we have seen this vary over time. We, therefore, think it’s more than likely that events and hospitality will phase back faster in some parts of the UK than others. The need to move quickly and cope with last minute changes will become essential for us and our clients. 

From the work we have been doing with clients over the last 12 months, it’s clear that there will be specific requirements that we will need to adapt to and work with. Whether, the events are outside or inside, intimate or large-scale, we will need continue our versatility into 2021 and beyond.

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