5 Essential Chef Skills

Being a chef can be extremely rewarding and exciting. Everyday is different and you are constantly creating and adapting new dishes and menus.

Perfecting cooking is an art and there are so many places, venues and kitchens you can work at, so here are the essential skills you’ll need to succeed in this career. 

1. Willingness to learn

No two days are the same and you’ll constantly need to keep up with new recipes, trends and techniques to develop in the industry, so a passion for learning new things is a great trait to have. You’ll also need to be continuously developing and building on your knowledge of food prep and safety, so make sure you’re prepared to study for Food Hygiene Certificates and Allergen Awareness Courses

2. Organisation

In a kitchen, it’s so important that food goes out on time. You’ll need to organise your own time so that groups of meals go out together and customers are not left waiting for an excessive amount of time. Therefore, great organisation and timing skills are essential

3. Passion and a love of food

It’s important to not only understand how to make good food, but also enjoy it yourself and not be afraid to experiment to find out what does or doesn’t work. Make sure you love what you’re selling

4. Ability to multitask

Like organisation, it’s incredibly important that chefs can multitask and focus on more than one thing at once, while also ensuring everything is a good standard. There are not only many elements of different food on one plate, but also different plates on each table and multiple tables in a restaurant, so it’s essential that chefs don’t drop the ball and are able to think about everything at once. It’s a hard skill to master but a great one to have when you do.

5. Creativity

Chefs are tasked with making incredible and unique dishes, their food is the main reason people choose one restaurant over another. Therefore, it’s important to be creative and not afraid of trying something new. The best chefs make amazing food and stand out.

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