5 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Staffing Supplier

Choosing the right staffing partner can be a minefield — there are so many agencies to choose from and often it’s difficult to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve prepared these 5 questions for you to keep in mind while you’re reviewing your options.

Do your values fit?

Every business has their own aims and motivations, so it’s important to establish from the off whether a staffing agency will help you achieve your own business goals and represent your brand the way you want it represented.

At Arc, our vision is to shape the world of flexible work into a better place for all, meaning we want to work with staff and clients to improve the staffing agency industry for everyone. We want to make sure clients receive a good service and staff have a good experience.

Do they cover the areas you work in?

Make sure the key areas you operate in are covered by your staffing partner, so you don’t have to worry about staff logistics, transport or onboarding.

We can offer full nationwide coverage, with pools of staff in nearly every corner of the UK. Even if it’s a new area for us, our bespoke online recruitment process means we can recruit for any role anywhere in the country.

Do they have the level of expertise you require?

It’s important that a staffing partner understands your business and the roles you offer. Teaming with a staffing partner who has proven industry experience can help drive your business forward. Make sure that they fully understand your needs and requirement, both for the short term and long team.

At Arc, we have over a decade’s experience in staffing and recruitment. We’ve worked with multiple businesses to provide staff for various roles, so we can work with you to make sure you receive the best people for your operation.

Can you trust their recruitment process? 

Depending on the role you need filled it’s important to make sure that your staffing partner’s recruitment and training process covers the necessary skills. If your place of work requires manual handling or health and safety training, where does this come in your partner’s process and how will they ensure staff are trained and confident in the roles they put themselves forward for.

Our bespoke recruitment process can be tailored to any role you need. It can feature compulsory training modules and videos, as well collect any references, DBS or experience details you require.

How do you want your account managed?

Think about what suits your day-to-day operation. If it is easier for you to call or email to book staff, make sure your staffing partner dedicates a clear process to this type of booking. Alternatively, if you would rather book staff easily through an app, is this an option for you? It’s also key to think about your busiest periods and timetable. If you need 24/7 assistance and operate 365 days a year, does your staffing partner offer that as well?

Our staffing app allows clients to make bookings with ease, you can choose how many staff you want, what skills and training they need and even allows you to review the staff you receive so you can request the best ones back. We run a 24/7, 365 day a year operation. So, whether you need staff last minute or planned months ahead for a busy bank holiday weekend, we can be completely flexible and work with you to support your operation. 

When choosing a staffing partner, it’s important to keep these questions in mind and ensure you are satisfied with all their answers. Make sure you know exactly what your operation needs from a partner and that your staffing partner knows this too.

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