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Wellcome Trust PhD Student – Molecular Biology

Elisha worked with Arc during her time studying at the University of Liverpool and worked regularly at venues such as Anfield, the Liver Building and the Grand National at Aintree Racecourse. At busier times of the year, Elisha also helped the Liverpool team in the office, assisting with recruitment and admin. Elisha is now a PHD Student in Dundee. We spoke to Elisha about how Arc gave her valuable skills and experiences.

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What did you get out of your time with Arc?

The thing I enjoyed most was the variety of different shifts and job roles that were available and the ability to organise your own working schedule. This gave me the flexibility and freedom to balance work around my study schedule.

Working in the industry improved my confidence and ability to communicate well with many different people. Despite not continuing in the hospitality industry, I feel like my time at Arc has taught me many valuable skills that were vital to my personal development.

How did your experience with Arc have an impact or your career?

The skills earned in this area of work are definitely transferable, having a wide range of different jobs and venues available for work you need to be flexible and adaptable for each role, something that is required if you were to move to another career.

Personally, I spent a lot of time waiting on tables and so developed a great range of communication skills with a variety of different customers and colleagues. I am currently in the scientific research industry, so networking and being able to communicate your research effectively are a key part of the job role.

What advice would you give for others?

For those interested in working for Arc, be enthusiastic and opportunistic. You are in control of your own work schedule and so you really only get out of the job what you put into it! Remember that careers do not have to be absolute, so take opportunities for training and development. With the multitude of job roles available at Arc you are sure to find a role that suits you best.

Favourite memory or shift for Arc?

My favourite shifts used to be working the football matches, as being in the same box throughout the season allows you to build up a professional but friendly rapport with the clients. This always made the job much easier and enjoyable. I also enjoyed working in the office. It definitely opened my eyes to all of the organisation and work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure every event runs smoothly.

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