Arc Alumni - Lewis Cowan

Concessions F&B Unit Supervisor – Levy Restaurants – O2 Arena

Lewis started working for Arc Hospitality way back in 2015, as a cashier at various venues across London. During his time at Arc, Lewis went onto to become a Team Leader at stadiums and arenas across the city. Lewis now works as a Food and Beverage Unit Supervisor for Levy Restaurant at the O2 Arena. We asked Lewis to talk us through his time at Arc and how it prepared him for the job he has today.

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What did you get out of your time with Arc?

I’ve gained the skills needed, not only to work every aspect of a bar, but also manage it and its staff. I’ve met so many people, friends and colleagues from many walks of life and at each event I get to meet more new people. So, it helped with my social skills and team building skills.

How did your experience with Arc have an impact or your career?

Working for Arc has helped improved my social skills and I now have a range of connections within the hospitality industry. It developed and still is developing my leadership experience. Working in this industry requires you to work with people, as with every other industry, so such a skill is transferable. If you’re not so keen working with people, working in this industry would help get you past that because when many people come together to work, you’ll find you’re working for a common purpose and some people have an infectious positive energy which definitely helps!

What advice would you give to others considering working for Arc?

If you’re interested in working for Arc, it can fit into your schedule or it could support a second job. If your second job is in a different industry, it can open you to new experiences and you’ll gain life skills and new networking contacts.

For those interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality/bar sector, keep in mind you will need a good work ethic and a positive attitude; a smile is essential and if you’re new don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Each work event is different, and many have different roles. Find a role you like and stick with it, but from time to time you’ll need to work as something different. So, make sure you try everything.

What’s your favourite memory or shift for Arc?

I have so many in my five-year journey, but one of the key memories would be working at a music festival at Milton Keynes back in 2016. You get to experience the atmosphere and enjoy music whilst also keeping busy working the bar. I loved it!

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