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Luke – Arc London – Independent Strategy, Operations and Innovation Consulting at Freshminds

Luke worked with Arc for 2 years while at University in London. He’s now moved on to a role as a recruitment consultant and data analyst. While at Arc, Luke worked at a variety of venues, including The Excel in London and Wembley Arena, as well as assisting the full-time team with check ins and admin.

We asked Luke how Arc helped to develop his skills and career...

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What did you get out of your time with Arc?

The opportunity to balance work around my studies and pick up more/less work dependent on what my schedule looked like.

The ability to choose which shifts I wanted to work, especially as my University schedule would change every couple of months, was very appealing, especially compared to other part-time work in London.

How did your experience with Arc have an impact or your career?

My work with Arc gave me the opportunity to quickly develop team leadership skills by managing small groups of people. It was always good fun as most of the Arc staff were in a similar position - University students who were looking for flexible work, and even those not in education were in a similar position to us needing work that could fit around their personal schedules. It made everyone easy to talk to and friendly as most of us shared similar experiences we could connect over.

What advice would you give for others considering work at Arc and your industry?

I’ve always preferred familiarity, so picking up shifts at the same venue, or events that ran over a few days, always worked really well for me, as it gave me an opportunity to get to know the people we were working with and get used to the layout of venues/where everything was located. Also keep an eye out for things - throughout the year there’s always going to be reliable shifts at certain venues, but unique opportunities/events pop up so look for those!

Consultancy and sales are fast-paced and intense, much like half-time of a sports fixture or interval of a concert. So, get used to working at a pace that suits you, and know how to manage yourself and stay busy when things are quieter.

Favourite memory or shift for Arc?

Wembley NFL - there were lots of entertaining American fans who were as interested in chatting to us about London as they were in the game!

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