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Rachelle Arc London – Hospitality and Events Expert

Rachelle describes herself as a Venue Guru, Organiser Extraordinaire and Chief Cook Bottle Washer meaning she’s a jack of all hospitality trades and has worked in a variety of roles within the hospitality industry. Rachelle started working for Arc London in 2019, having already worked at various levels in the events industry for years.

We caught up with Rachelle to find out how her experience with Arc added to her events portfolio and helped her gain a new perspective on the industry.


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What did you get out of your time with Arc?

I got to work at a lot of different venues with all kinds of interesting people. I learned that bar work and cooking are what I really love to do.

How did your experience with Arc have an impact or your career?

Before coming to Arc, I already had a lot of industry experience but one new thing I learnt was to tap a barrel that is real ale and not on the gas. I also added to my leadership experience by team leading and managing at a number of different venues.

Another thing I learnt was how to interact with Gen Z. As a Baby Boomer who is used working with Millennials, Gen Z was a bit of a challenge

Coming from a background of senior management in the Meetings and Events sector it was interesting to see the other side of the industry, as well as gain new connections as I am a networker by nature.

What advice would you give for others?

If you’re interested in working for Arc, be prepared to work hard, but with hard work comes good fun. To get into events work it’s all about the detail and being able to talk to and work with pretty much anyone.

Favourite memory or shift for Arc?

While bartending for the Cricket World cup I was "borrowed" by the chef to help in the kitchen. I spent a few days running up and down the steps between my bar and the kitchen depending on who needed me more. It was great fun, but I dread to think of what I must have smelled like at the end of that one - beer, bread, champers and veggies...

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