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Arc Hospitality and Arc Recruitment are pleased to announce a new partnership with the UK's leading digital youth support charity The Mix. The Mix will help the Arc Group focus on mental health support for our full-time employees and casual staff. The Mix specialises in support for under 25-year olds and helps them with many issues young people may encounter — from mental health support and financial advice and to career guidance and mindfulness.

As a historically hospitality-based business, over 12 years of operating, we have met people from all walks of life and in various situations. From home sick students in need of some mental health support, to people just starting out their career in need of CV advice or financial guidance, we’ve found a lot of our staff turn to us with challenges outside of work that we’ve not always been able to fully equipped to support.

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The 2020 Lockdown has only added to these cases, and many recent reports have suggested that 18-25 year olds will be the worst affected as restrictions continue and employment options are harder to come by.

Mental health support is now more important than ever, which is why we have set up a partnership with The Mix charity.

As a business who has 72% of our worker force under the age of 25, it is not lost on us that a large amount of our casual staff will be massively affected by the aftereffects of lockdown. We therefore want to offer these workers as much support as possible.

What services will our staff have access to?

Digital Triage Tool

The biggest development for us at Arc is that staff will now have access to a “Triage Tool” which provides a personalised gateway to relevant support on The Mix’s website, including their helpline and counselling services – it delivers a simple and effective user journey that reduces barriers to accessing the appropriate care. This is available on our recruitment platform, staffing app and our website.

This service will be completely confidential, so we won’t have access to view which members of staff have used the service.

You can access the Triage Tool by clicking here.

Volunteering opportunities

We will promote The Mix’s volunteering opportunities to the wider group of young people in our candidate and staff pools, helping them to develop softer skills and help other young people in need of support (full training is provided for applicable roles.) Our full-time team will also be able to use their day’s paid volunteering leave that we offer to volunteer for The Mix themselves.

Mental Health First Aid

The Mix have helped organise Mental Health First Aid courses for our full time staff so we can not only help with some more complex issues casual staff may be dealing with, but also spot signs of who may be in need of support and direct them to The Mix’s services.


Why does this matter?  

Michael Gavin and Paul Marcinkowski - Arc Directors: “We are thrilled to have a found a charity partner who can help young people who may need more support than Arc are able to provide directly. We hope that this is the beginning of a long relationship with The Mix and that any candidates, staff or contacts of ours make the most of this free, confidential service. The Mix are here to help you take on any challenge you’re facing - from mental health to money, from homelessness to finding a job, from break-ups to drugs.”

Zoe Bailie - Director of Brand & Development at The Mix: “We are really excited about this new partnership with Arc, which will allow us to reach even more young people who need our support through our life-saving services. It's commendable that Arc are taking this step to protect the mental health and wellbeing of their young staff and have chosen to do so at a time when they might be struggling to cope with the impact of lockdown. We're looking forward to working with Arc and to the positive impact the partnership will have.”

Emma, 22 - Arc staff member: “As a young person mental illness can affect my ability to do a lot of daily tasks including working but work also plays such an important role in helping with my mental health. Especially during this pandemic, work for some is the only opportunity they have to interact with others. Knowing that Arc is taking into consideration my mental well-being makes me feel like I’m being listened to, understood and valuable member of the team. That support really would alleviate some of the stress that a lot of students and young people have in their life. “This would definitely make my work environment a safe place, with people I know I can rely on when things get tough.”

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