With the planned date of Brexit less than two weeks away, Arc decided to investigate how Brexit might affect our work force.

The hospitality industry is one that’s expected to be massively impacted by Brexit. It’s estimated that about 15% of the UK’s hospitality staff are from European Union countries. At Arc that figure is approximately 12%.

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A recent YouGov survey predicted that around one in ten of EU hospitality workers would leave the UK after Brexit (Caterer, 2019). We decided to ask our staff if they planned to do the same.

Out of all our responses (394) over 70% were EU citizens.  88% said they would stay in the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit and 91% plan to stay if the UK do strike a deal with the EU. Of the people who think they might leave, the majority of them (73%) wouldn’t leave for at least a year.


A quarter of Arc staff said they are not worried about Brexit at all, and just over 10% are extremely worried about it. When ask what worried them the most, staff were mainly concerned about the economy, jobs and employment, travel and the rights of EU citizens and the possibility that they might have to leave the UK.

At a time when there is great political uncertainty, staff retention is now more important than ever. We think it’s essential to let our staff know that they are appreciated and valued. If you’re a member of staff and have any concerns about your work with Arc post Brexit or any other issues you would like to raise, please email our Staff Welfare Officer. 

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