At Arc we believe that it is important to recognise and reward our staff.

70% of employees say that motivation and morale would improve massively if managers said thank you more (Reward Gateway, 2018). With this in mind, we want to ensure that our staff are being recognised fairly and thanked often, we have a “worker of the month scheme”.

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Now, one worker (from each area) is rewarded with £20 for all of their hard work, effort and commitment, that they’ve put in. The winner is selected by their local staffing teams, who choose based on how impressed they’ve been with that particular member of staff and think they’ve gone out of their way for their work at Arc. You can be recognised if you’ve received good feedback form a client, have been consistently reliable for shifts or just generally have an extremely friendly and positive attitude.


For example;

Rebecca from our Manchester team received worker of the month in February because she is always pleasant and sets a good example to other members of staff. Rebecca works a variety of different roles and regularly gets great client feedback.

John from our Leeds team received worker of the month in October because he is very hard-working and reliable. John has also had some fantastic feedback from clients.


As you may have seen on our Facebook page, we like to run a small post that recognises our winners. This is so we can promote the scheme and encourage more people to work for the employee of the month reward. If you win worker of the month, don’t feel like you have to have a post about you on social media. We’ll only post it, if you’re 100% happy with being on our social media pages. 



Our Worker of the Month scheme is operated to ensure that our staff feel valued and appreciated, because our workers hard work and welfare matters to us. Find out more here.


While you’re here…

Do you know about our Refer a Friend scheme?

If you refer a friend to us and your friend successfully completes 4 shifts, then you will receive £10. Please email your local Arc office or the Staff Welfare Officer for the friend referral form.

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