EAT SLEEP PLAN REPEAT: Arc’s Guide to Balancing Your Work and Studies

At Arc Hospitality we know the benefits of working along your studies such as learning a new skill, gaining financial stability and making new friends. However, we know it can be hard to juggle all this whilst still trying to maintain a social life. When you sign up to ARC hospitality there is no minimum weekly commitment for you – we just ask that when you commit to a shift, you turn up with a smile on your face, give 100% and represent Arc the Arc way.

Below are our top tips for balancing your job with your studies

"The best way to achieve a work, study, life balance is to be ruthless about organising your time"


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Plan Ahead

This is absolute key – This allows you to know exactly what you are doing and when. It will ensure you don’t work during busy periods for yourself and you know how long you have before any deadlines. Consider investing in a diary or planner – or if you’re tech savvy you can download apps which even allow you to input voice notes when you need to set yourself a reminder in a hurry.

Prioritising sleep

It is recommended that you get 8 hours sleep a night, any less has been proven to be linked with poor concentration and attendance, and the lowering of your immune function — increasing the chance of cold and flu. To ensure you sleep well turn off all screens and make sure you are in a comfortable dark room.

Use your time wisely

Every minute counts. For example, an audio book on the bus to your lecture about the subject you are studying can you give you the edge or reading a paragraph after tea rather than scrolling through Instagram can go far. Allowing yourself to be organised, could mean you know exactly when you’ll be free enough to pick shifts up. Then you can easily slot work into your schedule.

Make time for yourself

You don’t want to look back and think about all the things you didn’t do at university. Everything in moderation is key. Find little pockets of time where you can unwind and relax even if it is to binge watch your favourite TV show or schedule your day around the society you enjoy attending. Creating time for your self has been linked to lower stress levels and will help combat the sense of burnout.

Do not over commit

How many hours you work each week depends on how much you feel you can take on. Look at your schedule, will working Tuesday night make it so you don’t attend your 8am Wednesday lecture? Consider the bigger picture before signing up for any shifts, it’s a lot harder to go back once you’ve committed.  

Use your holiday wisely

In any industry, especially hospitality there will be plenty of opportunity to pick up extra shifts over the holidays.  It will not only keep you out of trouble but will give you some extra cash for when you are busy with your studies and unable to commit to as many shifts. The summer holidays will be a great opportunity to work at some of the biggest sporting and music events which take place up and down the county – you never know you may see your idol.


Remember everyone’s circumstance is different and only you know what you can commit to in all aspects of your life- work, social education or personal.  The welfare of all our staff across the country is one of the most important things to us and the onus we have put on this has allowed Arc to work successfully in some of the most prestigious festivals, venues and events across the country.


We also have our dedicated Staff Welfare and Compliance Officer Maddie, who’s email you can find here.


One of the great things about agency work is that you can pick up shifts as and when you are free and there’s no obligation to commit to a certain amount of hours a week — use this to your advantage and you’ll achieve the work, study, life balance that everyone is after.



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