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My role in conjunction with Paul (business partner) is to manage our operational and financial teams across the UK ensuring the whole business runs as smoothly as possible and that we are achieving our growth targets.

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What inspired you to start up the company:

I was inspired to set the company up as I saw a real opportunity for a new staffing agency to be set up which could deliver a better standard of service for both clients and staff.

I was working on site at LFC helping with staff check in’s and my Dad had run a staffing business so I had a good understanding of how the industry worked. Luckily there was an opportunity to supply staff through the club straight away.

What I envisioned was a hospitality specific agency that was based on a different culture and had the values to exceed expectations and succeed at being the best in the industry. I wanted to introduce people who wouldn’t have ordinarily considered working in the hospitality and catering industry and expose them to it showing the passion I have for the industry in the hope they would find it just as enjoyable and rewarding. I wanted to run a company that genuinely cared about the satisfaction of our staff and the success of our clients.

I wanted Arc to be different, and in doing so, improve the reputation of agencies! Being different by being a part of our client’s operation – their success is our success.  

What is it that you love about Arc?

There’s so much!

Firstly, every day is different. I never know what will happen on any given day and that really excites me. Every day brings a new challenge, sometimes it brings a new problem – but that’s what drives us to do better every day.

Secondly, the people that work for Arc. I have so much respect for them all. Being able to develop someone as a person – giving them opportunities to improve their abilities and their confidence is very rewarding!

Our office team-I can honestly say, I do not think there is a more dedicated or passionate team in the field than we have here at Arc. The term ‘to go above and beyond’ accurately describes our whole team. Their performance levels and commitment inspire me and it makes me feel very proud.

Our clients. We work with some truly amazing clients. They value our business and we value theirs. We do everything we can to support their business by giving the best service we possibly can. Their support and constant feedback helps us to improve and makes me proud of what we have accomplished and achieved.

It’s fantastic to look back at where we started back in 2008 to where we are now and see the development of the company. That development has no limit – who knows how big we can go!

I love the pressure and targets. You’re almost always working towards a deadline and I really enjoy the challenge and having to rely on grit and determination to achieve.

Our competitors. You may not know this, but I’m rather competitive! It’s always great to have competition because we like to compete and in turn, demonstrate that we are the best at what we do!

Finally, getting to go behind the scenes at some amazing venues and events.  I really enjoy seeing how all these fantastic events come together and being able to experience the atmosphere first hand.

What do you see in the future for Arc:

Growth across the UK whilst also continuing to develop our existing sites even further. We are excited about entering different areas and growing new offices in Newcastle, Birmingham, Scotland, Cardiff and potentially even more.

We are also looking forward to developing our offering to the betting industry too, something we have been involved with and loved being a part of for some time now.

One day, our aim is to go international.

Tell us some interesting facts about yourself:

I met Paul during our first week at the University of Nottingham in B block of Sherwood Hall when we were fresh faced 18 year olds!

I’m a Geographer! I graduated from University with a 1st class degree. Slightly different to what I do now…

My first ever job was as a stock boy at a series of concerts in Liverpool called the summer pops.

I was born 100 metres away from our head office in Liverpool at the former Oxford Street hospital.

I like to travel-I’m up to 28 countries visited at present!



 Paul, Sarah, Steph and Mike on site at Royal Ascot

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