Role in Company:


What inspired you to start the company:

Technically - I didn't as I joined mike 4 months in. However: Mike and I had always talked about running our own business at university so when the opportunity presented itself it actually felt like the right thing to do. Coming from a background in Economics and having had previous experience as an investment banking intern, entrepreneurial spirit has always been something which I've had and exploiting this is something that I find really exciting. So I suppose at first I was just excited about setting up and running A company with Mike, rather than specifically a hospitality recruitment agency. However, soon into this new venture it was quite clear where I drew my inspiration from: I loved winning new clients and getting good feedback from clients and staff alike. I loved feeling like we were helping to improve the service that our clients and their customers were receiving. I loved delivering free training sessions to candidates, giving staff varied and interesting work at cool events. For many this was extra beer money when they were students but for some we were genuinely upskilling the labour force. I drew inspiration from watching those with no prior experience or training progress through to managerial positions with us or our clients. Of course this was nothing new, others were doing it but the ultimate inspiration of all was to do it the best. Be the best in Liverpool. The best in the North West. And eventually the best in our industry nationwide. These same loves, inspirations and overall goals remain the same today - 9 years on. 

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What you love about the company:

That Mike and I share the same vision. That we are not afraid to admit we're wrong and change how we do things. The people we work with: employees, temp workers, clients, suppliers. I love that our company pulls you up when you are down and keeps you going when you are tired. I love the excitement of what might be around the corner. I love the buzz of smashing an event that was bigger and better than the last. I love watching our full-time team learn and grow and do things better than Mike and I ever did or could. I love that it's ours but everyone in the team has a say on where we're going and how we'll get there. I love that we have created something that should outlive Mike and I.

The future of the company:

We're still young (sort of!) so I'd like to think we've got a long future ahead of more growth, more great people, more upskilling and more positive impacts on the communities in which we operate. It's certain that we'll be opening new offices around the UK and possible that we'll spread our wings overseas one day. We'll always stay in hospitality, betting and themed attractions but likely that we'll be trading in other similar industries in the future too.

 An interesting fact about yourself:

I'm not normally this gushing with answers to questions like these - you've obviously caught me at a good time! Not sure how interesting these are but:

I ride a scooter to work everyday

I am a 1/4 polish but have never been there and can't speak a word 

I can down a pint quicker than most 

I went through a phase of wearing fake tan when I lived in Liverpool. Occasionally. And it was just a phase - everyone was doing it...


Mike and Paul at Royal Ascot

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