Soaring to Success - Arc Team Member Taken on Permanently by Theme Park Client

It’s not just pouring pints and laying tables that Arc Team Members can experience!

Before lockdown 2 and then 3(!) we were providing team members to a major theme park in the north west. It’s been great to hear that just before lockdown, one of our Team Members was taken on permanently by the client and is ready to return to work this week!

Sarah started working for Arc as a Ride Attendant in August last year, after studying and working in retail. We asked Sarah what she loves about her role at the park and what the secret to her success was!

We’re looking forward to providing Team Members to our leisure clients as they reopen this week, in the hope they’ll find more rollercoaster superstars like Sarah!


How did you start off at Arc?

I found the agency via a job site and applied directly for the role through there. The application was straightforward and there was great communication all throughout.

What did your role in the theme park involve?

I was working at the top of the ride queue line chatting to customers and dealing with their queries. I had to make sure the queue was maintaining social distancing and had masks with them as they couldn’t ride without one. They then moved me into the Ride Station and started training me on the lap bars and dispatching the ride. I got signed off on that and continued working at the top of the queue line and in the station, it varied each day.

What training did you receive on site?

So when I started working all the agency staff got taken into a room and we watched a some presentations on safety around the park. We got to ask any questions we needed and got taken straight out on park. The training was amazing as we were treated like their own staff.

What do you enjoy about theme park and rides work?

I love working in the theme park because it is a different environment from what I’ve ever worked before. It’s like a big family and everyone is so nice to you. You even get a chance to ride the rollercoasters once in a while!

Why did you want to work for Arc? What did you like about it?

I wanted to work for Arc because it gives you a varied choice of work, I could choose my hours, when I wanted to work and where. It gives you a bit more of a choice when working as you might not want to be stuck doing the same thing all the time.

What tips would you give to someone working in a similar role?

Be yourself, make friends and you’ll enjoy where you work. If you’re working with an agency and you’re worried you might be treated differently compared to permanent staff, you don’t need to worry. When I worked there as agency it felt like you were all a part of the same company and it was very welcoming.

What skills have you leant?

I have learnt more customer service skills, as I only really had experience from working in shops, but this is a completely different environment all together. I have also learnt to try new things as you may love what you come across. I’ve enjoyed learning more and more about rollercoasters than I have before. Because I am now permanent staff, it gives me a peace of mind that I have a head start on the job. I know what the busiest time of days are like and what to expect. I am starting to be trained on Console in the next few weeks where I will have full control over the ride.

I am forever grateful for Arc for giving me the opportunity.

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