Thank you to our amazing hospital workers

Thank you to our amazing hospitality workers!

Across our UK sites, we usually have thousands of staff working every week at multiple venues. We meet new people every day from all walks of life. The impact of Covid-19 has been seen across all of the country but has also reinforced the power of community, on both a local and national scale. With our regular events unfortunately put on hold it has been a priority for us to adapt the way we work to ensure we can play our small part in helping the NHS wherever we can. This is not just our full-time team but our amazing casual workers - our wine waiters, bartenders, kitchen porters, chefs and baristas have all risen to the challenge and shown an amazing desire to help out.

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Our workers have recently had the opportunity to give back to the community and help with the efforts of Covid-19. Arc workers have been working day and night to help the smooth running of daily operations within their local hospitals, as well as at Covid-19 testing centres. Staff have been performing in a variety of roles, from patient catering to domestic assistants. The variety of roles have allowed staff to learn new skills and experience different working environments. We have had great feedback from our staff who have been working alongside the amazing NHS teams.

This is what Alex (normally a cashier and waiter) had to say about his shifts:

"When Arc offered me this opportunity, I took it immediately. It was a chance to help and support not only the doctors and nurses but also to help the people of this community that were suffering from this horrible virus.

"When I arrived, it was clear that most people did not want to work in A&E as a porter, I stepped forward straight away. I wanted to be on the front line, I wanted to be in the heart of it all. I wanted to serve my country in a time of crisis. It quickly became clear that A&E was over-run with the sheer influx of suspected Covid-19 patients. The doctors and nurses were working flat out, 13-hour shifts, working in a highly difficult and complex environment-but the morale was high.

"I was overcome by the welcome we porters received, it gave them confidence and courage, knowing that we were also prepared to take the same enormous risks and stand by their side. They were not alone, civilians like us also shared the burden! I worked with amazing professionals who I grew to admire and respect.

"This experience will never leave me, it will remain with me till the end of time."

This attitude towards this work has been paramount across all sites. We also got some feedback from one of our North London hospital sites regarding our staff:

“Can't tell you enough how brilliant these staff have been. So happy to learn new thing and although initially some concerns of the environment and what we are currently dealing with they are showing confidence and professionalism. You should be so proud of them all.”

As well as this vital work at hospitals, our staff have also been helping at test centres in many parts of the country. They have been helping clean and sanitise sites and offering essential assistance and guidance at the self-testing booths. We received remarkable client feedback regarding one of our staff members, Jon:

“His relentless enthusiasm and tireless commitment to engaging with hundreds of subjects a day was a wonder to witness. His empathy, emotional intelligence and communication style are utterly exemplary of what is required in subject-facing roles.”

This feedback reassures us of the hard work and dedication that we see in all our staff members every day. Jon sets an exemplary standard of the service that our workers provide to each and every client. Drive through test centres are offering an essential service to key frontline workers and they will continue to help on our roadmap out of lockdown as testing opens for more groups.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all Key Workers across the UK, from doctors and nurses, to the unsung heroes in cleaning, kitchens, retail and logistics. To our Arc workers on the frontline, thank you for demonstrating why we are proud to work with you, you continue to amaze us every day.Thank you to our amazing hospitality workers!

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