The Importance of Staff Welfare In a Post Covid World

Staff welfare has always been important, but in a post Covid 19 world, it is has become even more crucial to check in with staff and make sure they are okay. When you have a lot of staff on the books it can be difficult to prioritise staff welfare as much as you would like, but we’ve found these methods simple and effective:

Have a dedicated Welfare Officer

Having a dedicated Staff Welfare Officer who is on hand to listen to complaints, concerns and ideas can massively improve the working environment. The Welfare Officer should be independent to other departments and will only speak to relevant parties to get a wide view of the situation and work out the best course of action. At Arc, we like to encourage a comfortable space where staff can speak openly about work-related issues or other things that may be bothering them — this can be completely confidential if the team member wishes.

Monthly surveys and feedback collection

To keep improving as a business and ensure you are always listening to what the staff want; it is important new team members are given the opportunity to report worries anonymously and make suggestions via a monthly survey. For those who have been with you for longer try quarterly surveys to gauge what is important to your long-standing workers.

Whatever surveys you do, make sure you let people know what actions you’ve taken since they last gave feedback, otherwise they will stop filling the surveys in.

Monthly newsletters

Keeping staff up to date with all the things they need to know. Monthly newsletters help staff feel part of a bigger picture and community. They can offer staff the opportunity to share things with other team members e.g., events/fundraisers they are organising and want to build interest in.

Worker of the month

A pretty traditional method but one that has proven useful for us. It’s important that team members are being recognised fairly and thanked often. A “Worker of the Month Scheme” can be a great way to achieve this. Staff can be recognised if they’ve received good feedback form a client, have been consistently reliable for shifts or just generally have an extremely friendly and positive attitude.

We do our Team Member of the Month slightly differently, in that for every team member who wins their bonus we also donate the same amount to a charity of the team member’s choice! It’s proven a great way to keep staff engaged and help them make a difference.

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Why it’s important to get to know and look after your staff

Getting to know your staff can be done at the interview stage, assessment stage and on site at venues. It’s good to ask staff how they are, what they’ve been up to and if there’s anything new with them, Over time, you’ll get to know their strengths in a working environment, where they are best placed and what roles they are most suited to. It can also help you know areas that staff can improve on and how best to work towards targets.

If you know your staff, you’ll know when something is wrong, or they’re not be feeling 100% and they’ll confide in you. You can help them combat problems and adapt work environments to suit them and make them feel most comfortable.

Another benefit is staff loyalty. People are more likely to turn up to shifts on time, with a smile on their face and do their very best, if they are a good relationship with you as a person rather than the company. Staff who feel valued and listened to are more likely to do a good job. They’ll be more enthusiastic and feel like they’re doing a job with purpose rather than one small cog in a machine.

But most importantly, looking after staff is the right thing to do. In all the industries we operate in hours can be long and tasks can be challenging, it’s therefore a top priority to ensure staff are happy, comfortable and safe in these roles.

We would love to hear what strategies you have for looking after your team members. If you would like more information on how our well-looked after and hardworking team members can make a difference in your business, feel free to get in touch!

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