Top tips for casual staff in the events industry

A busy events season is always right around the corner — and if you are looking for casual work options that you can fit around studying, child care, or other responsibilities then you’ve come to the right place! But be warned, the events industry isn’t an easy option. Being part of an events team needs commitment, and reliabilty. To ensure you are able to give both of these you will need to take care of yourself, so we’ve pulled together our top tips for casual staff to help you get ahead in the events industry…

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Sleep when you get the chance:

From the excitement building up to the event, to the actual opening, you will get used to saying “How-did-time-fly-by-that-quickly?” Whether you are working at a music festival or a major horse racing meeting, you will be kept on your toes. So at the end of your shift, go home, relax, get a good nights sleep and recharge the batteries, because whether the event is a weekend or a week-long you will need to be prepared to survive one busy day after the other.

Stay organised:

Throughout the year there are very many events on the go simultaneously, so you may be required at different sites to perform various tasks, so it is important you know where you are to report to each day. Stay organised and keep a note of locations, contact numbers, times you are required and don’t forget to plan your commute, ensuring there are transport options available to you and you can make it to your place of work each day in good time, without rushing.

Learn to deal with hiccups:

There’s no such thing as a perfectly executed event, there are ‘what if’ moments that may arise, so make sure you are the sort of team member who isn’t thrown when things don’t go exactly to plan, learn to roll with the punches while wearing a smile.

Be prepared:

You will be more comfortable at the event and more able to do a good job if you arrive at the location prepared. Not all events are held in a city centre location, there may not be the option to pop to the shop for a can of fizzy drink, so ensure you leave home with everything you need to get through the day; water, snacks, a change of clothes, comfy shoes in your car plus a few little things to cover emergencies, such as paracetamol, a pen, back-up phone chargers, hair-ties, hair nets, even an extra bowtie.

Don’t overcommit yourself:

Accepting every opportunity that comes your way can sometimes do more harm than good, leaving you overcommitted. It can often be hard to turn down a last-minute shift request, especially when it’s for an event you really want to be involved in, or you don't want to let the boss down, but by over-committing yourself and spreading yourself too thin, you won't only run yourself into the ground, you will struggle to deliver the high-quality service you have set a standard for.

If you take on board all of these top tips, you will sail through the next events season in style and at ARC Hospitality we are always on the lookout for hard-working staff who have what it takes to add something to our events calendar - Get in touch with us here.

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