Warning this post contains a good news story!

We’re really pleased that two members of our lovely staff from Manchester have worked so hard throughout lockdown that they’ve been taken on full time directly by the client.

Harry and Abderrahman have been working as cleaning operatives at AstraZeneca in Macclesfield since early March. The pair have worked 4-5 shifts a week each and undertaken jobs such as cleaning touch points, moping the floors and dusting corridors and labs. We’re really proud that their hard work and dedication has impressed the client so much that they want them to work there directly.

To find out more, we caught up with Harry about his Arc career and how he’s feeling about working for Astra Zeneca directly

How did you start of at Arc?

I was a kitchen porter at Blackburn football club. Then at Manchester Central I was a waiter for fundraiser events. My third shift I was a till operator at Manchester City stadium. I also worked at Manchester Arena and Old Trafford. And I worked similar shifts like this until I started at Astra Zeneca in March.

What does your role at AstraZeneca involve?

The role is technically cleaning operative, but we all have different tasks to do. My main responsibility is using a keg mop to clean the floors and dust in the corridors and labs.

What do you like about working for AstraZeneca?

The environment is really clean and big. It’s also very convenient for me — the location and the hours are great. The work itself is different to anything I’ve ever done and I get to meet great people. We have great conversations.

I like working in a very different and unique space. It’s a welcoming experience for me.

What were you doing before Arc?

Looking for other jobs. I came from Hong Kong in May 2019 where I was working at a hair salon. The job application process here in the UK is tricky, and I was struggling to get a job, but then I came across Arc and they took a chance on me and it’s been great ever since.

Why did you want to work for Arc? Why do you like it?

Arc give you so much variety of shifts, things I had never done before. The people you work with are great, they are from all over the world – from Europe to Africa and Asia – it’s so diverse and different. You get great stories to tell people as well.

What tips would you give to someone working a similar role?

If you see something that comes up, just go for it. Be really well behaved, do what your told and wear a face mask! Keep working until you get noticed. Be thick skinned and don’t give up.

What skills have you learnt?

How to interact with people, teamwork and how get to know people. I’ve learnt etiquette and how to be polite. I also learnt my own worth and my strengths and weaknesses.


We’re so happy that Harry and his colleague Abderrahman have been taken on full time and are pleased that we were able to help them in their journey

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