What is Agency Work?

Agency work is not what you may imagine it to be, and is not dominated by football agents and modelling agencies! – it is a way of picking up fun, flexible temporary work. Arc is an agency that works in the hospitality sector, offering work opportunities to all in several different regions of the UK.

Working for Arc is not a zero-hour contract, but rather a ‘contract for services’ agreement, where we offer you placements, or ‘shifts’ which you can chose to accept or decline depending on your availability.

It’s a great way to earn some money around your schedule and any other jobs you may already have as it allows you to be flexible with when you want to work. All we ask is that if you do agree to work a shift that you then stick to this!

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What can I be expect to be doing?

We work in the hospitality sector, which means you are likely to be working at events such as football matches, racecourse and events such as weddings and parties. There are a range of roles available such as plate waiting, bar work, kitchen porter and cashier positions.

To work in a position where you will be selling alcohol you must be over 18, but you can work in most food waiting positions if you are under 18 so there are roles for everybody!

We also work with back of house teams so there are roles for chefs as well, so if you are a qualified chef looking to join please let us know!

What skills do I need to have?

If you have hospitality experience this is a bonus, but don’t worry if you don’t have experience of working in a five star hotel for 10 years! We provide training in our assessment sessions which all staff attend prior to working for us. A big aspect of the role is having the right attitude, and we are looking for outgoing, friendly people that work well in a team.

How many hours per week is the work?

Working for Arc there are no set number of guaranteed hours per week but at the same time we don’t expect you to be available to work a certain number of hours per week. As we head towards our busiest time of the year (Christmas!) there is a lot of work available and the chance to earn some extra cash for ‘the most wonderful time of the year!’

How long are the shifts?

The length of shifts varies depending on the role and the venue where the shift is based. We have a minimum four-hour shift length so if booked to work a shift you will be working for at least four hours. Bar shifts tend to be longer but the Account Managers that book you for shifts will inform you of this before the shift.

How do I register?     

Once you have showed an interest in working for us, our recruitment team will be in touch with you to book you into an assessment session with us. This is a group induction session where we will give you a further insight to the company and the team that work here. You will also be given practical hospitality training and give you a chance to ask any further questions and meet other candidates you may be working alongside on your first shift.

You will also need to being a proof of right to work in the UK to this session – this can be:

British Passport OR Full A4 size birth certificate and proof of national insurance number

If you are not a British National you will need to bring your passport and visa or EU citizenship card along with proof of national insurance number.

Once you have completed the assessment session you will be emailed a login for Utrac, an online portal we use to offer shifts on a ‘job board’ where shifts can be accepted electronically. We may also email, text and call you if shifts become available at short notice.

All this information will be sent again by the recruitment team before you come so don’t worry too much about this now.

How do I get paid?

You will be paid on an hourly basis depending on your age, role and venue and payment will be paid on 5th of every month for the pay period up to the final Sunday of the month before.

Where does Arc operate?

Our head office is in Liverpool, with other offices in London, Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham. We are also operating over Christmas in Bristol, Reading, Swindon, Newcastle, Watford, Weybridge (Surrey), Cardiff and Billericay (Essex). If you do know anyone else in another city that wants to earn some more cash before Christmas tell them to get in touch. At the same time if you do move home from University or move to a new city just let us know as once as a member of staff you are eligible to work in any location with Arc.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Here are the email addresses of the account managers in charge of the staffing for each area:

Liverpool, Swindon, Reading and Bristol: 

Sophie –

Paddy –

Diane –

Jen –

London, Watford, Cardiff, Weybridge (Surrey):

Andy -

Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham:

Martin -

Newcastle, Billericay (Essex):

Rachel -

Meet the team here -


We look forward to hearing from you!

Paddy Ward

Account Manager


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