What the New Coronavirus Guidance Means for Arc Hospitality

Following the government’s announcement last week that events and gatherings can slowly return over the next few months, we’ve looked into how this will affect our event staffing operation.

Client requirements

We are currently reaching out to our client pool and asking them what requirements they will need in the upcoming months. As conferences and tourism returns, we expect there to be a demand in cleaners and table service staff. We recently asked our staff how comfortable they would feel about returning to table service roles, provided they are supplied PPE, and 95% of our pool said they would feel comfortable returning to these roles. This is a great insight into how enthusiastic our staff are to get back to hospitality roles.

With the trials of stadium spectators taking place throughout July and August, we anticipate there being a rise in hawking roles in football clubs, as fans will need drinks and food brought to them at their seats rather than queuing en masse. If bars are open, we expect there to be a demand for queue management staff and crowd control.

We'll also have our barista trained staff at the ready for any conferences and cafes that need their expertise 

Throughout all our upcoming roles we will be ensuring staff are provided with suitable PPE for their shifts and that all staff feel comfortable in the roles they will be doing.

Training sessions & recruitment

Depending on government guidance closer to the time, we are optimistic that we will be able to organise in person training and one-to-one interviews by autumn 2020. We will be taking precautions to ensure we adhere to government guidance in allowing these.

Firstly, the majority of our recruitment process will remain online. We have made the most of this during the pandemic and have seen great benefits to virtual applications. Candidates can complete their application in their own time, and it’s reduced our recruitment team’s admin time massively. It also means all application details are kept in one place and referring to candidate’s information is simple and efficient.

Secondly, when we need to run training sessions, they will be shorter and have a smaller capacity. This will allow us to assess a similar number of candidates to before the outbreak, while also abiding by social distancing measures. We will have a one-way system introduced to our training space and all Recruitment Coordinators will wearing PPE and provide hand sanitiser upon arrival.

After every session or interview, our training space will be cleaned and sanitised. The training proves will continue to be reviewed and adjusted depending on guidance.

Onsite check-ins

We do not expect check ins to return to what we’re used to until at least spring next year. However, if we do need to carry out onsite meets, these will have staggered staff start times to avoid any long queues. Coordinators checking staff in will provide hand sanitiser to workers entering the venue and will wear face masks.

If we need to organise transport to events, we will limit the numbers allowed on buses so social distancing can be in place and provide staff with masks for the journey.

We will also follow any client measure that are in place to ensure the most efficient checking in process.

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